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Hi everybody...


Well, on Monday night/silly hours of Tuesday morning, I placed an order with revolutionmodels.co.uk :D


For a while I've had my eyes on the "Kopter case", which is very distinctive, and sized perfectly for 2 x transmitters, charger, batteries and other bits to take to the flying field....

So, finding it on revolutionmodels.co.uk was great news as most places dont have it, so I ordered it, along with a new transmitter neck strap and a Futaba transmitter strap bracket...


Tuesday morning, I get a call from them to confirm the order (All good so far) and to let me know that the neck strap bracket was not in stock...


Well, I wasnt too annoyed, as I'm getting used to RC shops selling things they dont have in stock and causing long delays in getting things, so I asked them if they can send the kopter case and the strap, then when the bracket comes in, send that on to me, and that was fine, no problemo with that :D


Well, today (Wednesday) the parcel arrived... Fantastic on the rapid delivery, most impressed, but.............


I open the parcel this evening to find that whats inside is NOT the koptor case at all.

Here is what the kopter case should look like:


kopter-case-outside.jpg - Kopter-Case-Open.jpg


The case I received is very poor quality in having badly fitted corners on the closing lid and very cheap feel materials, its the type of case I would expect to find on a market stall for £10, and I truly do have to wonder how this type of product mix-up could even happen given that the kopter case is extremely distinctive being bright blue, and even has "kopter case" written on the front of it, and its also a different shape, and has the "pick-n-pluck" foam inside, whereas this one I received has a foam cutout of a helicopter that fills only half the case (See picture)


Here is what I received:


kopter-case-NOT01.jpg - kopter-case-NOT02.jpg


Anyway, I've written to them now to explain this, and how annoyed I am at such a stupid cock-up, so lets see what happens from here...

(I'm hoping a courier might turn up on Friday and deliver the correct one and take this one back straight away)


Will post more as it happens...

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Well folks, get this for SERVICE!!!

After sending the guys an email yesturday about sending totally the wrong case, this morning, they telephoned me to apologise, AND, told me to keep the case, and will give me a refund for it!!! :D


I must say, I was amazed, somewhat speachless, and didnt really know what to say to the guy at the time, as I was expecting the usual "Well send out the right one and please send it back to us" kind of thing, but nope, the guy told me he would give me a refund, and that I should just keep it!!!


Turns out there may have been some rather big cock-up with his delivery as he told me he had 8 more, still in there boxes that now needed checking, and 2 that had already been sent out, so will now have to contact those customers and check theirs too!


Sounds to me like a model shop who finally gives a damn about their customers :D

I'll happily invite the guys to join here, they get my thumbs up :)


Now just awaiting the transmitter bracket... (Isnt it annoying when your transmitter throttle knocks against your jacket and fires-up your model just as your walking to the runway!)


Oh well, the hunt for the kopter case goes on...

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