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Fpv Transmitter / Receiver Combo?

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So guys


I'm about half done with building my FPV plane (Twinstar2) and I'm using all 2.4gHz Futaba radio equipment, and am a bit stuck on finding compatible transmitter and receiver for my camera?


I already use a Sony PM1 on top of my models for 1080p HD filming, so would love a way to hook this directly into a transmitter, via some head up display unit to show height/speed etc through goggles, but not too sure about the combo's available.


Had a look at firstpersonview.co.uk and see they have some 5.8GHz Transmitters and receivers, has anybody used them before to know if they are any good?


I'll speak to them during the week to find out more, but am hoping for first person opinions of usage?

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How did you make out with this? I am getting into FPV now too after years of carrying a conventional small video camera on board. I picked up the 900mhz 1500mW TX/RX/Camera combo from HobbyKing. I use Spektrum 2.4 so have to stay away from 2.4Ghz video gear. I've also been using an eagletree logger and GPS for a while, so bought the OSD Pro, and with a bit of soldering connectors, managed to get it all hooked up. I picked up an eFlite Apprentice to mount it all on, its a big foam plane capable of carrying lots of extra weight, and is very stable. I just hooked the receiver up to my laptop, and used that to record the video while I flew the plane normally.


I was surprised at the amount of interference, but I'm moving things around, and slowly its getting better. I have some of these videos on my YouTube site at



Since then, I picked up a FatShark 5.8Ghz TX/RX Goggle set, and have not had a chance to try it yet. I did try driving my nitro car with the goggles, and it was very disorienting, I'm not sure I'll be able to fly a plane :) I guess practice....


Anyhow, curious how you've made out, hope its going well...

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Hiya Odam, crikey, all the way from Canada huh... Great of you to drop in buddy :D


As for the FPV, well, I havent done anything yet, a few rather expensive things cropped up, so the FPV gear is on hold for about another month I reckon. I did however pickup what I though might be good goggles for FPV and they look extremely impressive so far, I grabbed some Vuzux 920 glasses that plugin to the iphone/ipod and they also accept any incoming AV feed you want, and have earpeices built in..


Got mega lucky because these are meant to be £300, but I found a seller on play.com selling them for £143, so snapped them up in a flash :D


I'm waiting to see what video gear I end up with yet before finally closing up the fuselage, so at the moment, the fuselage of the plane is still in 2 halves with servo's and snakes installed, as I'll be taping it closed for a bit, until I can position everything just right..


Hey, dont miss the special welcome thread just for you in the welcomes section bud, do drop by there and tell us a little about yourself :)

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