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Well, heres my review of Avicraft Model shop in Bromley, London...


Having only recently joined my local flying club and finally getting started in a hobby I had my eyes on for a long time, I've spoken to various people who fly model aircraft, and many members at the Croydon (CAMFC) club I recently joined, and from what I heard, the Croydon club find Avicraft to be good, but other people I have spoken to only seemed to have bad things to say about Avicraft...


So, I telephoned them to ask about a few things I needed and find out if they had them in, and get their opening hours, and my very first impression of them based on 1 phone call was that they didnt seem to like spending any time on the phone to help...


The guy who I was speaking to even said to me "Look, sorry but I've got customers in the shop to deal with" which on the one hand, I felt was fairly rude, but as a business owner myself, I could understand.


So a week later, I called again at a different time, and was met with a fairly similar rush to get off the phone, so I figured, these guy must be fairly busy, so I'll go down to the shop and check it out...


At the shop there is Pay and display parking mostly unless you get lucky with the free bay after 2pm...


Well, I have to say, I took my newly purchased Multiplex Twinstar along with me to measure up for some brushless motors, and these guys could NOT be any more helpful if they tried!


They were some of the most helpful, friendly and knowledgable bunch I've actually had the pleasure of meeting, to date, aside from the guys at my local flying club!


Its also great having a coffee machine in store as you might be in there for quite some time like I was!


Since my first highly impressed visit, I've subsequently been back again for a little help with my wiring, to which I owe a big thanks to Rob and his tuition with a soldering iron!


I also wanted some counter rotating propellors, which seem to be very uncommon, and while Avicraft didnt have them in stock, they DID get them for me 2 days later, and were very serious and genuine about ordering them for me.


Its really nice to actually ask for something in a shop, and they actually do get it for you, rather than being met with excuses about deliveries and some rubbish about how often they order from suppliers...


So, to the guys at Avicraft, nice one, keep up the good work biggrin.gif

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