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Welcome to The RC Forum urban

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Hiya urban


Welcome to The RC Forum, and thanks for joining us here.

Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.


I certainly look forward to hearing from you sometime soon, and hearing all about your RC Exploits...

Be sure to check out our website rules, just to ensure were all on the same page.


If you have any problems using your new community or comments, suggestions or feedback then I sure would love to hear them.

There is also a great FAQ section on how to use this website and its features if you need it.


Why not tell us a little about yourself, let others get to know you, and what you get up to?


Please do not post links to your business, adverts or any other kind of spam, as this is a welcomes section. New members posting links to their business/shop or who seem to be here ONLY to plug their business WILL be deleted and flagged as a spammer with ALL Forums! We do however welcome trade users and allow trade users to post their business on our website, but all in good time, and only for those who "put something in" too...


Give and take... Makes the world go round :-)


Welcome again

Richard... The RC Forum community slave.

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