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I have got this trainer now near ready with a 3528-1000 motor,but want to know if I want to use a larger lipo pack a zippy 8000 mah 3s 11.1v ,I am concern of the weight of the pack which is 630gms.Will that cause the model to airborne and maintain flight?

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Hi Sam


That's REALLY pushing the flying weight... I flew mine with 5000mAh batteries and that takes the flying weight to 2KG, and at that weight, its borderline.. It flies no problem, but needs a longer take-off and will come in to land a lot faster, needing more room to land and stop.. I'd recommend a 22000-3S, much lighter, shorter take offs and more manoeuvrable in-flight too..


Keep the weight as low as possible, and stick to shorter flights if your just learning (As its a trainer plane)


on my 5000mAh 3S packs, it flies for 20 to 25 minutes, but because its heavier, it doesn't roll or loop as nicely as it would if it was lighter, as expected, heavier planes move slower, and if you need to climb to get out of trouble, the weight may be a problem. Keep it light, keep it simple and it will be far more fun, and puts less stress on the wings :-)

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