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Well folks, heres a new one to me. Looking all over the WWW for some red transmitter sticks, I came across what seems to be the only website that sells any called fusionmodels.co.uk

I have to say, their website is awful, totally lacking in useful information...


1) The entire website is built in frames, bad for search engines and REALLY bad for people browsing by URL, as everybody has to start at the homepage then go find the page they want.

2) Side menu is tiny, sooooo small, its really hard to read any of it.

3) Currently, zero postage information on the website or products

4) No way or mention of how to actually order anything anywhere on the website

5) Contact info is just 2 guys and 1 mobile phone number?? (Dont they have a phone where the goods are kept?) (I know, your not always there, but giving a landline at least provides some re-assurance that its a legit setup.)

6) The design of the site is somewhat of an eyesore too, Bright yellow/white is very high contrast, so that clearly was not thought out. Its not very relaxing just to sit back and look at it..

7) Try contacting them by email, its an AOL address... My first email to them went unanswered for quite some time, so I called them and told them to check there spam because crappy AOL mark way too much as spam...

8) They eventually emailed me back to tell me to send money via paypal to them, or post a cheque, but again, no mention of postage costs???


So, overall, the website is somewhat abismal, but I will say this, it doesnt seem to be too much of a reflection on how they do business...


After just sending them some money directly through paypal last night, and asking if they would be able to post the sticks today, Peter has just emailed me to let me know he has been to the post office and sent the sticks out for me, so, we get there eventually, and once we do, its posted promptly it seems, but its the getting there thats the slog for the customer...


So far, I'd say if you want to order anything from fusionmodels.co.uk, it certainly wont be as easy as it should be, and email for them currently is somewhat up-in-the-air, which for a busness that doesnt have ecommerce, email is the CRITICAL essential thing to have working at all times, so guys,


Why not have email on your phones instead if your internet provider sucks?

Why not change provider?

Why arnt you even using "something@fusionmodels.co.uk" for email, like a customer would expect?

Why exactly is the website stuck out in Germany of all places?

Why is there no postage info on the website at all?


Is fusionmodels.co.uk just a part time business? If it is, say so, people dont mind that, but what people dont like is to be having to beg for information, to drag info out of you like its a secret or something...


Anyway, I'll see what these transmitter sticks are like when they arrive, hopefully good quality like the several other pairs I have, but so far, it all feels a bit "sloppy" dealing with fusionmodels.co.uk, no real easy path to follow to just get what you want (Product or info)


The real key here now of course is, will they do anything to improve the situation?


So Peter/Mike, if you see this, it would be smashing to hear from you anytime.. This isnt a bashing, just some customer feedback

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Forgot to say, the Tx Sticks I ordered, they arrived really fast.. So was well pleased with that. :D

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