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Living near to Newark Nott's decided to give these a try - I have ordered via email and everything arrived next day so - well done.

Visited the shop I say shop its a bit like Fast-Lad a counter to the front of the stock - very well stocked and friendly service.

Purchased a Horizon parkfly J-3 Cub indoor flyer - tried it at home and I wasnt happy with the sound of the motor (sounded rough to me) so travelled back and spoke to Pete - he said it sounded ok to him and that he has flown several of these little beautys but that if I wasnt happy then he would exchange it for another one, which he did and we tried it in the shop to see if I was happy with that one.

Nice to actually go somewhere where they will go the extra mile to help and not quibble about any exchange or berate you for not having the amount of knowledge they think they have.

I have dealt with several places on this thread list both by mail order and visits - and most, in fact nearly all have have given good service.

This place is worth a try.

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Hiya GWing


Sadly, I have to say, gliders website is almost pointless... For flyers like me, I can only get the stuff I want mail order, and gliders is just more expensive than anybody else for almost everything, yet their website is far from representitive of the prices.


My Spektrum DX8, they charge £50 more for the same thing..

My Multiplex Cularis RR, again they are £50 more expensive...

I bought a Futaba 10CG, again they charge more than £120 more than the £479 mine cost new...


Their images are all distorted, and some with no images, and can you find out how much delivery is going to cost without having to go round adding it all to your basket and THEN registering? Nope...

ok so its free delivery over £50, but below that?


An FAQ page thats empty?


Sadly in our model flying club, gliders is one name that has never popped up....

I've had first class service from many of the mail order places I've used, saved a bundle, and other guys in our club have gone on to use them and had the same good experiences too..


Not saying they are not good, I'm sure they are, but cost alone, for me and others, puts their mail order in the "Cant afford it" pile...

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