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Reviews of model shops / websites

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So boys and girls...


You want to post a review of a modelshop or model website where you either visited or purchased something from, well, we would love to hear it, but do keep in mind that simply slagging off a model shop should not be the aim here. If you have something bad to say, then provide details of why you feel that modelshop let you down or didnt provide good service. Dont just steam in saying "they suck" without any details and/or story to back it up. Tell us exactly what happened, because then we all get a better picture of the exact events.


Same applies if the store is good too, if they are great, tell us why they are great, what made that store so damn good you just keep going back.


Without any details, your posts may be seen as spam either good or bad, and will probably just be deleted as garbage abuse.

Remember, this is an UNMODERATED community with NO sponsors to get in the way, so your free to speak your mind, but speak it well, and dont drop to levels of stupidity.


So, lets all hear it for your local model shops or favourite websites :D

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