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Thunder Tiger Trainer + Ready mk3 + New Irvine .46 (SOLD)

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Well folks, having converted over to electric flight, I no longer want to fly my Nitro trainer, so am now selling it.


Its a Thunder Tiger Trainer, complete with brand new Irvine .46 engine thats only had 2 tanks of fuel through it and never been airbourne.

I'm also throwing in a complete flight box, with all tools needed, fuel pump, spanners, glow plugs, fuel bottle cap fittings and fuel too...


2 planes, 1 new engine and everything you need to fly, you can put your receiver into this and fly straight away, and have a spare plane if you crash it...


I've put it on ebay with all the pictures:



Heres the Thunder Tiger Trainer

DSC_4059.JPG DSC_4060.JPG DSC_4061.JPG DSC_4062.JPG DSC_4063.JPG DSC_4064.JPG


Heres the Ready MK3 part built



Heres the field box with all the accessories you will ever need. (I never buy cheap nonsense either)

DSC_4121.JPG DSC_4122.JPG DSC_4123.JPG

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