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So, in my new hunt for some EC5 connectors today, I then found modelshopleeds.co.uk

Hmm, big website, tons-o-stock, this could take a while as I might buy more than I intended lol...


Had a few questions, so gave them a call and had a friendly chat with the store owner, all queries sorted easily, and a few items showing out of stock were actually in-stock (pukka) so managed to spend far more than I went in for and a little browsing later I wound up ordering a new ally prop adaptor for my mentor, some new shades and cap for the summer, some spare prop's for my trainer (God knows how I havent busted the prop on the Mentor already), a heat gun for bending my Elapor models straight again after pranging them and a ton-o-EC5 connectors...


Once again, I've stuck great service twice in one day, ordered my bag-o-shite @ 3pm+ and its already been dispatched today, and they said it should arrive by 1pm tomorrow!




Model Shop Leeds are an actual model shop, sell a ton-o-stuff, and are happy to answer queries or even to check something if the website shows "out-of-stock"

I particularly like the fact that their website shows you that they actually have the stuff, rather than the grief I've had with other places where you place an order, then find out a week later that they didnt have it in the first place

(Elitemodelsonline take notes)


So, we see if the stuff arrives tomorrow :D

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Okey dokey boys & girls... So my order arrived pronto yesturday from MSL and I was chuffed as punch with it, although, they did miss out 1 item I ordered, so I rang them up, asked them about it and was told by the guy that packed it "Oh yeah, I forgot to put those in, sorry about that"...


I had to laugh, in a nice way, its rare to come across such blatent honesty and down to earth'ness..


Well, it worked in my favour anyway because I needed some 2cell lipo's for my firefly and managed to order them and get them shipped with the glasses they fogot, without getting hit for another postage charge :)


Great service, tons of stock and a sense of humour too, I'll definately be usng them again, and again, and again....

Dont trust their website though if it shows something as "Stock level unknown" as this seems to mean that they havent had the chance to enter their stock into the website yet.


I asked them about that and was told its a new feature in their website, and they need time to go over it all and update everything, so if not sure, phone them, chances are, they do have it :)


The glasses and batteries arrived today too... Really quick on getting things to you...

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