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So i've been meaning to take a little road trip over to Mick Charles Models now for ages and ages, but really didnt fancy it as their website is shall we say "lacking any form of appeal" and gives you no idea what stock they carry or parking facilities at the shop (it is a 30 mile round trip too), so you kind of think "hmmm, naaaa" and dont bother going...



2 days ago, out of total boredom, I decided now was the time to go check the place out, just for something to do.... Boy am I glad I did....


These guys have loads of stock, in-stock, there shop is a good size too and everything is really neat and tidy, finding things is easy, or ask for something and its in front of you in seconds! The new Spektrum DX8 in stock, on show @ £290 too, so prices arnt bad, I managed to pickup the screws/washers I needed to my Mentor Motor, at reasonable prices per-bag of bolts/washers so was happy with that...


Spoke with one of the chaps about the RC cars for indoor hall use for a bit and he was very helpful, and full of knowledge on the RC car scene it seemed.


I guess I was most impressed with the amount of stock and how spacious and well laid out everything seemed to be, as you really do get a sense that they spend a lot of time keeping the place well organised, yet stock some of the better quality RC goods you cant always get elsewhere...


So, I think I'll probably be looking at going back for a DX8 and at least a few bind'n'fly indoor models really soon, and maybe even order a Radian pro when its available, and hopefully my first indoor 1/10 car too someday... (Possibly next winter now)


All in all, the website is rubbish, the store itself is very "dated" and isnt fancy or recently decorated, but, they carry some good quality RC gear, and have it in stock, which is what you want really.......

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