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Well, looking around lately for new battery / ESC connectors due to the XT60's being a real pain in the arse to pull apart, I discovered the e-flite EC3's which are bullet connectors within a moulded plastic plug, so went on the hunt for at least 20 of each male/female to change over my entire small fleet of what is now 7 planes and 15 batteries...


So, hunting around, I came across parkaero.com


Nice simple website, stupidly easy to use, plonked a few odd'n'ends in my cart along with several large handfuls of EC3 connectors, all easy peezy so far..

Then I realised, "Oh crap, the EC3's are only rated at 60amps MAX, so had a look and found that e-flite do the EC5 which is 120amps max... Oh boy, problemo...


By the time I realised, I'd already placed an order with parkaero.com for some Futaba decals, a bracket for my futaba radio and the EC3's... Just some odd'n'sods really..


So, I dropped the guys an email last night to tell them I ordered the wrong connector and did they have the EC5's available..


Woke up this morning to find they had already refunded the £40 for the connectors, and Mark sent me a very detailed apology on stocking the EC5's...


Nice one :D


Not often you get such a prompt reply with details and an apology, AND a refund without having to beg for it for ages...


Later this afternoon Mark emailed me again to let me know my "bag-o-junk" (My words, not theirs) was on its merry way and should arrive no later than Wednesday :D


I love the fact that even on their website, the connectors that are "replica's" are actually labelled as replica's too, none of that BS of getting what you think is an original at silly money only to fiind its crap and you got ripped off... So while parkaero may be a home-based business, the service is definately better than some well established big RC stores I could name....


So, to Mark at parkaero.com, so far, so good...

Super simple website, clean and honest product info, rapid and detailed communications with good order status updates :D


Lovin it...

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Well, exactly as promised, my Futaba Decals and Radio bracket arrived today prompt as promised, along with a few other bits :D

The radio bracket is very nice, even if it is very expensive for what it is, but then thats the RC hobby all over..


Good job Mark @ parkaero :D

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