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Found 1 result

  1. Let me start by saying that building an FPV groundstation can be a really frustrating experience, if like me, you want to build something awesome first time around.. You want it to be "Perfect" and have that "WOW" factor, and my groundstation build has been going on now for over 18+ months.... Endless research on which components are compatible with what, which ones have the best features, reading the manuals to see how hard its going to be to set them up and update them in future, which brands give the best possible picture and prove the most reliable, anyway, you get the idea. So when Tim Nelson showed off his lexan cube groundstation, I wanted to emulate that as best as possible, but sadly, after 12+ months of measuring, cutting, and messing about, my groundstation was still just a pile of laser-cut acrylic parts sitting on my workbench, until some fresh inspiration came to mind in the form of a transmitter case that my transmitters don't fit in. About a month ago, I bought a Futaba aero twin transmitter case from Fast-lad performance, thinking I could get my Futaba 10CG and my Spektrum DX8 into it, only to find the DX8 doesn't fit... Well, on the verge of sending it back to fast-lad, an idea was born, and I shall name it; "The Futaba Aero Eagletree Immersion GS..." What a mouthful...

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