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    Cornwall Model Racers Club,

    Heck, its been a while since I have been on here and updated the post, still there hasn't been much to report. After the first initial burst of enthusiasm the works fell foul of the usual problem.... Doing major track works in the winter..... its always twice as hard! We had a catalogue of problems that prevented us from hitting the Christmas reopening date. Firstly the machine that was to do the loading of the rough earth on the tractor and trailer was not man enough to handle the heavy compact material, so was taking far to long to load hence we were only getting about 15 tones of earth to the track each Sunday instead of the 50 tones that had been expected, then the weather was too wet to do the job, then it froze for a couple of weeks and even the digger couldn't touch the heap then. Work days were called off if the weather looked like it was going to be a bit dodgy! Machinery and workers were not available at key times. Then when we did get a 40 tone load of good soil dropped in and the right machinery lined up to form up the big table top jump and banked corner on the track on the Sunday, the Club leader decided to take his mate and a JCB in on the Saturday to move the earth for us!!!! Very kind you might think... except we had it planned to take the soil in carefully with a light machine so as not to damage the ground too much and add restraining wires in the jump which would hold the timber walls upright as the weight of the soil was added. Without the wires, the walls basically collapsed as the soil was piled in! Thanks Boss! To make matters worse, the JCB had been driving around the whole of the soft track geting into position to put his rear jacks down to pull the soil around, messing up the entire track with great big tyre tracks and blooming great holes from his jacks! Well you can imagine what we all felt when we saw the state of the track when we got there on Sunday morning, there was nearly a walk out! An extra 2 weeks work had been added to put the damage to the track right, the table top looks like an amateur built it as we just didn't have time to dig it all out to start again. And the boss still thinks he has done us a favour! Still things arenow looking up, we have put right most of the mess ups, the new rostrum is in place, the ground is looking a lot tidier, and we should be up and running by Easter Sunday which is the new opening date. In about 1/3 of the garage at home I started forming up the sections to make the new rostrum. Once it was all machined up and each joint had been test fitted, it was loaded on the trailer to be taken up the track for erection. The concrete bases had already been put in a week before with steel fixing plates set deep into the concrete to secure the legs preventing the rostrum moving in the gale force winds that can sweep across this site from time to time. and to everyones amazmement, not least my own, the whole thing was nearly finished by the end of the afternoon. The roof can wait for a while! Another post to follow soon as we now just have to set out the track and do all those finishing jobs that take forever. Cheers, Sprig
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    Sprigs Baja Bits

    OK Rich, I switch it over to there later. Cheers Sprig.
  3. Spriggan

    Sprigs Baja Bits

    Sprigs Baja Bits is the brand name that I use for selling LED lighting kits and accessories, primarily for the Baja off road racing buggy's, but other brands of models are also catered for. LED LIGHTING. 12 bulb Baja 5B & 5T headlight pod inserts come in a range of styles and colors to suit your personal needs. Basic 5B 2 insert sets, fitted with extra heavy duty wire and a Tamiya plug that connects to the charging socket on the receiver box. Price: £11.00 Also available with an On-Off switch. Price: £15.00 Budget 5B insert sets, each insert is fitted with a servo type lead and a Futaba plug. comes with either a standard 25cm lead or a long 30cm lead. Price: £10.00 a pair also come linked as a pair with one Futaba plug. Price: £10.00 Basic 5T 4 insert sets, fitted with extra heavy duty wire and a Tamiya Plug that connects to the charging socket on the receiver box. Price: £15.00 Also available with On-Off switch. Price: £19.00
  4. Just thought I would put up a few links to videos of stuff we off road drivers get up to. This is a golden oldie form the old track, KORT, We had a laugh down there in those days, This was the final event of a two day meeting that involved some serious racing, some fun and games, and some absolute craziness. After the normal racing and the Caravan racing, we thought we would have a mad 10 minute demolition derby with the caravans just to see who would come out of it still running. Amazingly it went on for over an hour! An even older one, when things get down and dirty, the Truggies take it in there stride. Defiantly my best result ever, started from 3rd took 1st before the second bend and despite countless crashes during the race finished 3 laps ahead of the fastest buggy who would normally be 2 laps ahead of me. Oh those were the days! It was a club rule, You do not drive the wrong way back up the main straight at the end of the race, and who did it... The club leader! Hope you enjoyed.
  5. Spriggan

    Welcome To Spriggan:

    Ah add file ... as an attachment! never said i was clever!
  6. Cornwall Model Racers Club. CMRC. On road & Off road Tracks at the same venue. Description, The Club welcomes electric, Nitro and petrol powered cars to its 2 tracks. Medium sized on road track that utilizes a section of the perimeter road of the airfield, with rubber edged track. Suitable for all class of car from 1/16 to 1/5. Medium sized Off road track, laid mainly to grass and dirt, with a good length straight and a flowing technical infield section with banked corners, contoured surface and soil built jumps. Lanes are defined by 120mm flexible tubing, Suitable for 1/16 to 1/5 off road cars/buggies/trucks. Toilets and Café are available at the airfield admin building. Location. On the North Coast of Mid Cornwall, approx 10 miles west of Newquay. Based on the edge of the privately owned Peranporth airfield, with its own entrance straight off the Perranporth to St Agnes coast road. Race dates, Are alternate Sundays throughout the year, depending on weather conditions. Track is out of bounds at all other times for insurance res ions. Airport security does patrol the area. Web site: http://www.cornwallmrc.co.uk/index.htm there is no club forum at this time. Contact details are on the web site. Kernow Off Road Track. KORT. Off road track. Description, A good sized well established off road track, fully laid to astro turf, a good length main straight, with a technical infield section, with banked corners, jumps and table top. Excellent raised pit lane with paved area for pit crew and access to drivers Rostrum. wide lanes with 120mm tubing edges, suitable for all classes of off road cars. Toilet block and Burger van on site, with camping available on special event dates. Location. On private land at Carnebone on the main Falmouth to Helston road. Race dates. Race day is once a month, normally the 2nd Sunday of the month, with a Track (fun) day on the 4th Sunday. Track is off limits at all other times. Web Site. http://www.kernowoffroadtrack.co.uk/ has public access forum and contact details. West Cornwall Radio Control Car Club. WCRCCC 1/10 electric Off road at Bripper near Camborne, in the summer. On road, indoor, at Redruth school during the winter. http://www.wcrccc.co.uk/
  7. Spriggan

    Welcome To Spriggan:

    It takes about 20 minutes to switch from one setup to the other as there are different body mounts and out riggers to carry the truck shell, but with a 3mm hex driver in the cordless screwdriver it doesn't take long. and oh yes she is BIG! Cost wise is not much more that a 1/8 Nitro by the time you get all the extras you need to race. The 5T Truck was just over a £1000, but is down to around £800-900 with the buggy about £100 cheaper, which is mainly due to the price difference of the wheels and Body shells. But everything you need apart from Petrol comes in the box. The 5T shell works out about £160 to replace where as the 5B shell is about £30. Engines range in price from a CY Clone at around £120 to a top race tuned engine at around £500, the same goes with replacement parts, the basic replacements are not to badly priced, but then you can go for all the posh hopups and the skys the limit where it can end. Second hand prices tend to be fairly high, the average price of a used HPI Baja on ebay tends to be about 3/4 of the new price, and thats with the risk of it not being a real HPI, there are a few very nearly identical Clones on the market which sell for a good few hundred pounds less. They are OK, but just not quite as tough as the real thing, although when they do brake you can replace the broken bits with HPI stuff as they are that similar. Storage wise, well yes you need a bit of space, buy no more than you would with a half decent plane, guess I'm a bit lucky in that I have a complete basement flat as a workshop, but I could still do with more room! I am using the 'inset image' to add the pics, but a lot of them are being dragged over from Photobucket using the 'Direct link' as that seems to be the only link that works, is there a better way of doing it? The Sprig.
  8. Spriggan

    Welcome To Spriggan:

    No, its defiantly the Sprig, I have never made any claim to being in the same class as the mighty Stig I race and bash for the fun of it, I'm not saying I don't like it when I win, but the only way I have any chance of doing that these days is if everyone else breaks down! Yep, thats the front end of the HPI Baja 5T with the Proline body shell, shes a big heavy bugger, about 3' long x 15" wide powered by a 26cc petrol engine. They do about 30 minutes on a tank and bomb around at speeds of around 40-45MPH off road. With it only being a 2 WD it makes it a bit of a handful to handle on loose or slippery surfaces but that only adds to the fun. Thats the other setup for it, The Baja 5B.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm going to be posting a bit of a running diary on the rebuild of the CMRC track, which is to be found on the Perranporth airfield on the North coast of mid Cornwall. http://www.cornwallmrc.co.uk Its a very basic website at the moment, as the old site and forum was forced to close down due to it being abused by some rather undesirable people when the club was going through some major upheaval. The CMRC club has been running for many years as a hobby based club, for the enjoyment of RC enthusiasts to meet up and race their models. Although over the past few years, as with all the South west clubs, membership numbers have dwindled and the track has slowly fallen into disrepair. Now with a new driving force within the club and myself joining their ranks, there is a new will to give the track a good shake up, Modernise and upgrade the facilities, extend the track, build a new drivers rostrum, and improve the health & safety for the drivers and veiwing public. Its quite a tall order, but with the right gear, and the right people, it is all posible. This is how the track was looking back in June. Since then I have been driving the track, so there is not much of the old tubing left undamaged! The members and a few guests had a meeting to discuss how we were going to approach the project. The rough design of the new Timber framed rostrum was approved. Its going to be double sided as CMRC have on and off road tracks running back to back with the rostrum between, but as the location is prone to taking a blasting from the winds direct off the Atlantic Ocean, the on road side will have hinged shutters to protect the off road drivers from the wind and rain. Its being built as a 6 driver rostrum, but can easily be extended to take 12 drivers should driver numbers increase to warrant it. Works started a few weeks ago, The track has been cleared, and a lot of the overgrowth has been cut back and cleared away to expose the full extent of the track and create the space where the new rostrum is going to be erected. Bushes have been chopped back to form a new pitting area closer to the action, while still forming a natural barrier from buggy's coming off the final corner and entering the pit area. The end of the track used to be the blue fencing, which meant that the public was standing watching the racing right up to the edge of the track, which is a serious breach of H&S, to resolve this the whole track is being moved further up the field away from the entrance road, leaving more room to have a decent public viewing area, with a good safety wall and a wide safety zone between them and the track. Somewhere down the end there, we are also going to set up an area for Crawlers, as there isn't an official crawler track anywhere in the area and it is felt that this is a side of the sport that youngsters can easily have a go at with even the cheapest sort of toy off road buggy, so it will be a good way of bringing them into the club and sport, and once you have someone hocked, you may not have them for life, but you may have them at different stages of their life, It goes without saying that the Cornish weather is not being that kind to us and kept everything nice and soggy when we need it to be dry, but weather and transport permitting, we will soon be taking in soil to start forming up the banked corners and improved jumps, That's it for now, Keep you updated. Sprig.
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    Welcome To Spriggan:

    Thank you Rich, I will be doing a bit of posting later, time I was asleep now. Cheers, Sprig. OK guys, here's a bit of Info on the Spriggan, Real Name: Keith, but tend to use Spriggan on the websites and around the tracks as it seems where wherever I go there are always more Keith's, Odd I know! So its Spriggan or Sprig to my friends. (The 'Spriggan's' are a mystical Pisky type creature who are guardians of the Cornish Gold in the underworld....They must have done a darn good job of hiding it, as there isn't much in the way of money down here!) Location: 'Sunny' Penzance in Cornwall... Age: Too old to be doing this sort of thing, but hay, who wants to grow old gracefully? RC History, Battery powered 'toy' cars, Started off with a 1/10 Evo to 'play' with when out with the girlfriends boy and his cars. Saw a round of the Large scale national on road session in Sussex, The sound of screaching model tires and the smell of the 2 stroke had me hocked, then saw a couple of local on road club meets, which lead me to getting my first 1/10 Nitro, the Thunder Tiger TS4N. Soon got talked into buying a CEN MT2 by the local shop, What a money pit that truck was! Sold that as parts as I couldn't bare to think I had lumbered some unsuspecting person with such a pile of you know what! Got into buying crash damaged 1/10 road cars, rebuilding them and selling them on, not much profit in doing that, but it kept me busy. Then bought my first T-maxx, I was very impressed by how you could sheer off a wheel but keep on driving it! so had several of those ranging from the oil 15 up to the then new 3.3 with various engines fitted, including a 28 BB conversion, but that was just to powerful for the tranny and it kept braking. Dabbled in the large scale scene with the FG Marder's, they were Ok, but used to brake all three of them on a good bashing session. Also got the FG racing CAT truck, which I still have with a 4'6" low loader trailer behind it, Looks pretty good! Tried out a few HPI Savage's, they were pretty tough! and the Hyper 7 Buggy, which I didn't get on with much. And then got into track racing with the Revo, which I always thought was a pig to work on! When Truggies started to take over from trucks on the track, I got the HB Lighting LST, which did me for a while, even though to did have the habit of taking out the front end on the barriers. Moved on to the Mugan MBX5T which was very impressive when driving over buggies that were stuck in the mud! Tried out the Hong Nor CRT for a while before the Truck and Truggy scene died a death down here. Ran with the Mugan MBX5 Buggy and the Losi 8ight for a while, before getting the HPI Baja 5T, which I now run as the T for bashing or in the striped down 5B racing buggy for the track. These days, I have to spend too much time at home as a full time career for my aging Father, and fill my spare time in with making and selling LED lighting kits and other bits and bobs for the Baja and other cars. Having spent around 6 years working on and maintaining the KORT track I am now with the CMRC track helping them remodel and improve their old track layout and infrastructure, and hopefully raise their profile in the RC racing scene.
  11. Spriggan

    Bloody Cars Xd

    Well, it always seemed that way to me too with the smaller scale stuff. 1/10 road cars were 10 minutes running 2 hours fixing and cleaning the oil and mess off them. I went through dozens of 1/10 road cars of many different types, they all had the same sorts of problems if you bashed them too hard. Got into 1/10 monster trucks, some of them were a lot stronger plus you could run them just about anywhere, Dabbled in large scale with the FG Marder but gave them up as I used to brake all 3 of them on a good bashing session, dipped my toe in the 1/8 rallycross scene with a Hyper 7, then the 1/8 Truggies came along and they were just so much better to drive as they were faster that the trucks plus so much more stable so they didn't fall over all the time on the really rough ground. Now gone back to the Large Scale again with the HPI Baja, which is a great all round basher and racer, tough as old boots, fun to drive, easy maintenance and hardly ever breaks. you tend to have to change parts when they wear out rather than when they brake. So the answer to the question is: It does depend on what your driving and of course, how you drive or rather CRASH it. Sprig.
  12. Welcome to 123RC Spriggan :)


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