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  1. Gwing

    Spektrum DX8

    One small point that has cropped up - and may help others I had my models downloaded onto the supplied sd card which in turn I copied onto my computer for safe keeping - but I left them on the sd card as well. I forgot they where there and downloaded the new 2.04 software upgrade onto the sd - placed it into the transmitter and turned it on - well it behaved as normal found the updated software and proceeded to upload to the Tx - then as it finished it cycled and immediately started loading it again and again and again - oh Sh*** I thought, so risking it I just turned thge Tx off and took out the sd card and it wouldnt start - long story short - I found that if there is anything on the sd card other than the software update the Tx doesnt like it and will not complete the update - leaving just the update ont he sd card all was fine and it loaded updated and cycled back on with new software update. Moral - well there isnt one, I dont recall seeing in the manual, a warning stating to have "only" the software update on the sd card before trying to update, but I could have missed it. So if you are experiencing probs updating then if you have any other items on the sd card try saving them off and try updating using the blank sd card with only the software update on worked for me.
  2. Living near to Newark Nott's decided to give these a try - I have ordered via email and everything arrived next day so - well done. Visited the shop I say shop its a bit like Fast-Lad a counter to the front of the stock - very well stocked and friendly service. Purchased a Horizon parkfly J-3 Cub indoor flyer - tried it at home and I wasnt happy with the sound of the motor (sounded rough to me) so travelled back and spoke to Pete - he said it sounded ok to him and that he has flown several of these little beautys but that if I wasnt happy then he would exchange it for another one, which he did and we tried it in the shop to see if I was happy with that one. Nice to actually go somewhere where they will go the extra mile to help and not quibble about any exchange or berate you for not having the amount of knowledge they think they have. I have dealt with several places on this thread list both by mail order and visits - and most, in fact nearly all have have given good service. This place is worth a try.
  3. Gwing


    Just to update this thread Midland Heli's have a new web site much easier to navigate and with real time stock updates - the only downside I have found is that my previous orders and current orders have disappeared since the new web site setup - teething problems I guess but look at the new site - I think its ok
  4. Gwing

    Spektrum DX8

    Well nobody has replied to this thread in some time. I as it happens have bought the new DX8 - which as everyone knows is DSM2 and DSMX, As a newbie to all this I was advised to get the DX6i but thought that if I take this hobby up, then might as well future proof and go with the DX8. So whats it like to me - complicated but I'm getting there. As a beginners radio yes complicated, but asking questions of fellow fliers I found that I could get it programmed such that it suited my needs especially for heli use, and also for limiting travel on my high wing trainer for its first flights. More as I progress and hopefully find a more in depth manual for programming the unit.
  5. Gwing


    Hi All new member here, Just to say that I have two Heli's A Blade Mcx2, Blade SR120, and have just ordered the MSRx I know all baby heli's to you good flyers, but as a newbie and learner I am just starting out and I feel these may be the best to learn on. So will post experiences on here when a bit more practice takes place.
  6. Looks like not many people reply here ! As a newbie, but I might add an old one - just a very brief intro I have just taken up modelling again after a 40yr lapse - just bought two heli's and an ST Discovery trainer - so happy days ahead.

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