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  1. been running my hydro set up like this for 3 years now with no problems,people who think they know what they are talking about should keep there mouth shut because they dont know anything

  2. hydroman

    my 26cc hydroplane

  3. hydroman

    26Cc Hydroplane Paint Job

    This is my 26cc hydroplane that i am currently totally changing the look of, it has been modded quite a bit from standard, the pictures will explain everything My radio is a spektrum dx3s telemetry system,17kg high torque metal gear steering servo,4300mah hump pack 6v rx battery,6v receiver battery checker,spektrum voltage protector in a spektrum mr3000 marine rx,wrap to center tuned pipe,pro boat pulse water pump,zenoah twin pick-up rudder blade,balanced-sharpened prop,velocity stack

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