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  1. Ron Olson

    26Cc Hydroplane Paint Job

    No problem Rich. I've been bitten hard by the RC boat bug and have been doing it steady now for somewhere around 16 years now on a steady basis but first got into it around 1979. I have seen at least one of these boats in person at a swap meet and at the Toledo show being sold by a US dealer but the name of the outfit escapes me now. It seems like they were connected with IMEX. Asain companies like this get around our laws somewhat by changing the names on the boats slightly as some have come out with Budweiser mis-spelled. Anheuser-Busch is very protective of their names and have sold the rights to use them on RC boats but the manufacturers donate money to one of their charities in exchange for using their logo. If you ever get the bug, maybe I can help you out in picking out a good one.
  2. Ron Olson

    26Cc Hydroplane Paint Job

    Rich, he may be doing a repaint on it with the primer but those are before shots of a Chinese boat probably off eBay. It's their rip-off of the Tide boat be replacing the name with Turbo. Believe me, I know my boats. I'll see if I can dig you up a link.
  3. Ron Olson

    26Cc Hydroplane Paint Job

    Rich, that's a factory paint job from China as is the rest of the boat. A few suggestions if you don't mind. The first thing that I noticed was the streamlined prop nut. If you like buying new props a lot, keep it on there. A little tip if you like it is to put a slice of fuel tubing or water line between the prop and nut as that will work as a lock washer. Ditch the velocity stack on the carb as it does nothing for performance and can actually hurt it. I noticed from your transom shot that there is no gap between the drive dog and the strut. You need a 1/4" gap in there to prevent the cable from breaking as it will shorten under load. The only way which I can't see in your huge pix is if it comes with a square drive at the motor instad of a clamping collet.
  4. Ron Olson

    Some Of My Babies.

    Sorry, never heard of them. I'm not too computer literate, I'm an old guy! I'll look into one of those programs. My son does a lot of that stuff for me.
  5. Ron Olson

    Some Of My Babies.

    I'll see what I can do. Photobucket downsizes my pictures so I can upload them from there the next time. I didn't realize that they were so big until I just checked them. Sorry about that.
  6. Ron Olson

    Some Of My Babies.

    Just showing you some of my toys. Oh yeah, there's more but just getting things rolling.
  7. Ron Olson

    Welcome To Ron Olson:

    Thanks for having me aboard. I'm currently into the boat scene running mostly gas and nitro powered. I have some experience with planes and the 4-wheelers. Need help with RC that floats? Maybe I can help.
  8. Welcome to 123RC Ron Olson :)


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