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    I have been using 4-Max recently for electric motors and esc's, George the owner is very knowledgeable and a quick email to him generally has a reply within 24 hours. he has been fantastic recommending power trains for a couple of my aircraft. He is based in Basingstoke, Hampshire and to save a few quid you can colect from him if in the area. M
  2. Sipper

    Favourite Brand Of Electric Motors

    Despite all the scare stories about Turnigy motors throwing magnets I have a collection of 8 motors and so far no problems. I generally use Turnigy ESC's as well. M
  3. Sipper

    Favourite Brand Of Lipo Batteries

    I've had no problem with Turnigy 20 -30C packs, although they are rated at 2C charging I always charge at 1C and so far, touch wood, have found them to be quite reliable. My packs ar 4s1p 5000 packs and 3s1p 2200 packs. M
  4. Sipper

    Spektrum DX8

    I quite like my DX8 especially the vibration alarm, how many times I have stood on the flight line with transmitters beeping all around me, now I know it's mine. M

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