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  1. Hope you got a spare receiver to plug into it
  2. Have bought a few heli parts from fast lad in the past, never had a problem to be honest even though as you state Rich, they are a bit expensive. Should also compare midland helicopters as well if its heli parts your after.
  3. That 540 is a bit tasty, what you running in it? Ross
  4. Very nice indeed!!!!!
  5. I have flown a 450 & find them scittish...much prefer the Mini Titan by thundertigre, so much more docile, but up the throws & its fully 3D, if 3D is your thing...but not for me, seen 1 doing 3D, you've seen them all
  6. The wobble is me I dont have any stabilisation or any post processing as it stands, but please do remember thats only our 2nd time out with it..we have checked on the so called expert websites & we are kicking butt, things will only get better....fingers crossed!
  7. Dont get me wrong, we do have flying sites, but they are few & far between. Newton Abbot race course is used, but its 60 miles from me, here in North Devon we have 1 main flying site (Chivenor) & no spaces left!!! There are a few dotted about in the sticks but useless for anything above 20cc size due to trees & hedges. We are trying to get a flying feild South Molton direction which will allow some of our mates from east devon to make it. If you dont mind phoning them, that would be great Rich, remember we need some where South Molton ish Ross
  8. Taken yesterday 17/02/11, yes thats Febuary for all our American friends
  9. From the album Night flying

    © Macsgrafs

  10. From the album Night flying

    © Macsgrafs

  11. From the album My helicam

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  12. From the album My helicam

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  13. From the album My helicam

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  14. From the album My helicam

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  15. From the album My helicam

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