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Section 01 - Zero interference:

The RC Forum is an UN-MODERATED RC community! As such, you should totally feel free to discuss any RC related topic you so choose, and even non-RC topics (In the general chit-chat forum) and can be assured that NO sponsors, RC shops, or otherwise, will ever have any inteference with what you say (Unlike almost all sponsored communities)

Section 02 - Manners:
Please try to be polite, as blatent swearing, abuse, or slanerous comments for the sake of it will simply be removed, this is NOT a trailer park or council estate, so be civil. If you have a problem or axe to grind then fair enough, but dont make yourself look like a moron doing it, do it politely, and with evidence. Simply posting a message to say "XYZ shop is rubbish" is not clever, and will in fact make you look incredibly stupid, like some sort of caveman, ranting cluelessly without cause.

I would also like to positively encourage that as a member here, take a moment to introduce yourself, tell us a bit out your RC background even, what gets you up on the weekend to indulge in your RC sport, and even share some experiences with us all. Its just good manners when joinging any club or community to introduce yourself before charging in with info, when nobody knows who you are :-)

Section 03 - SPAM // Spammers / Advertising:
One thing that will NOT be tolerated here is spamming and/or blatent advertising of any kind. The RC Forum is paid for, and hosted by the website owner's company and staff, and will remain that way, forever, so we really dont need any adverts here, nor do we want them pushed upon us by members. Posting links to various things is ok, so long as it is in context with what your saying, and definately is not duplicated. New members posting links straight away is and will be somewhat frowned upon, given that until you have built up any trust, your recommendations may be seen as mild spam or an attempt at advertising with no other intention. Spamming of any kind will simply result in an instant BAN, no questions.

Advertising for model shops / RC Clubs, private member websites, classified sales are perfectly fine, so long as they are in the resources or classifieds sections. Any spamming in the forums/chat areas will result in a ban.

Section 04 - Classifieds // Downloads and Resources:
While lots of other so called "RC communities" dont want you posting links, adverts or other forms of other websites for the purpose of advertising, we openly welcome it, within the spirit of the RC Hobby. So long as a member is taking part, and introduced themselves (As you would in real life) then we openly welcome your resources, classified adverts and info, after all, thats how we find out things and learn, by sharing, but you should be expected to join in and take part. This IS a community were building, a USER community, for modellers, NOT for sponsors or advertisers!

Our downloads section will be growing, and we highly encourage members to contribute user manuals where possible, providing screenshots of the model and as much info on the model as possible.
Important note: Members joining just to download files, forget it. You are required to have at least 5+ posts before being allowed to download files. This is a user website, so if you want something, dont be a leech.

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